Hosting Congregations

What will TVBS do for my congregation?

During the first phase of the program, a team of young people will arrive at your location three to four weeks before your week of VBS to distribute flyers advertising the program. Shortly before the week your VBS is scheduled to start, a different team will arrive to teach VBS. All necessary materials (flyers, crafts, music, workbooks, etc.) will be provided.

What are we as a congregation responsible for?

The congregation is responsible for feeding and housing the flyer and teaching teams. Also, you are responsible for planning and providing some recreational activities for the teams. Please let the TVBS Committee know if your congregation is able to provide additional financial assistance to offset the cost of the program.

Can we just have the teaching team come?

Remember one of the key objectives of TVBS is to reach out to non-members. We believe that flyer delivery is one good way to accomplish that. Often, congregations do not have the resources or time to deliver flyers in a timely manner. Flyer teams deliver between 3000 and 10,000 flyers, depending on the length of time in your area, the size of the flyer delivery team and your location. Because of the mission potential, the TVBS Committee’s policy is that flyer delivery is extremely important and teaching teams are ordinarily not supplied without a flyer team.

Why plan recreational activities?

Your TVBS volunteers work hard and some free time for fun pays off. This maximizes the volunteers’ experiences, which is reflected in their TVBS work. It also increases the likelihood that they will participate in the program again in the future.

Can you suggest some activities for the teams?

Some of the activities congregations have done in the past include swimming, hiking, touring, museums, amusement parks, historical sites, state park visits, picnics, ball games, paint-balling. Think of things unique to your area that young people would like to do.

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