Thanks be to God!


The Lord again blessed our efforts last summer as TVBS teams served in Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin and Canada. The Word was spread across the country. Sometimes the results of that Word can be seen immediately as members are added to the church or school. Sometimes the results may be delayed, but we know that God’s Word, “. . .will not return to (Him) void, but will prosper in the thing whereto (He) sends it.” Isaiah 55:11. Thanks be to the Lord for His blessings on our efforts. The chaperons and students did an outstanding job that was appreciated by all involved. Many CLC members supported the ambitious program in a number of ways.

Once again we prayerfully consider how to apply our resources to the best use in the Kingdomwork. We can use your help again this summer. If you would like to assist this mission outreach effort, please check out the FAQ in the menu above.

Pastors, we need to know if you would like to have a TVBS team come to your congregation. Let us know by February 15, 2012

Parents, we need you to discuss the possibility of your child(ren) distributing fliers or teaching on one of our trips. Once the trips are posted, please fill out a registration form online.

Students, we need you most of all. It is only because of the efforts of young people like you that we can even consider the trips that we do. Please watch for the trips and sign up.

Teachers, chaperons are a must. Finding adults who have a week or more off during the summer to accompany our TVBS teams can be a real challenge. We would like you and your family to consider chaperoning a trip this summer and make it a family vacation. Keep checking back for the trips available this summer.

Congregations, we need you to consider assisting in the support of the TVBS Program this summer

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